• The Crypto App, the top utility app for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors, has launched Pro and Pro+ subscription services.
• The subscriptions offer proprietary analytics and curated metrics from top crypto intelligence brands such as IntoTheBlock, TradingView, and Messari.
• The Pro and Pro+ offerings include Token Metrics, Market Metrics, Portfolio Tracker, News Feeds & Alerts, Premium Content Access & Support.

The Crypto App Launches Subscription Services

The Crypto App is a top-rated utility app designed to empower crypto enthusiasts with data-driven insights that can help inform trading and investment decisions in the crypto space. To achieve this goal, the platform has just launched two new subscription services: “Pro” and “Pro+.”

What Does the Subscription Offer?

The Crypto App’s Pro and Pro+ offerings include access to 21 proprietary signals & metrics powered by leading crypto investment intelligence provider IntoTheBlock; market metrics focusing on Bitcoin & NFT-oriented markets; portfolio tracker; news feed & alerts; premium content access & support.

Mission of The Crypto App

CEO Jeff Kirdeikis of TrustSwap (the parent company of The Crypto App) said that their mission since day one has been to make it easier for anyone to join the financial revolution that cryptocurrency represents – thus making these new subscription services are another step in achieving this mission.

Who Can Benefit From These Subscriptions?

Crypto novices or veterans alike can benefit from these subscriptions which provide actionable insights into the crypto market at an unbeatable value. With Token Metrics users have the potential to increase their returns in the crypto market while long-term investors seeking advanced features may opt for their Pro+.


In conclusion, The Crypto App has made it easier for everyone to join in on the financial revolution that cryptocurrency offers by launching two new subscription services – “Pro” and “Pro+” which are tailored to meet any users needs with data-driven insights at an unbeatable value.