The French project specializing in decentralized cloud partners with is a French project specializing in decentralized cloud and which could be compared to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) of the blockchain.

The Starname project will integrate the technology developed by

Starname which provides addresses of nominative portfolios on several blockchains. The objective of Bitcoin Rush is to allow the sending and the reception of cryptocurrencies via a readable and more human address. Starname also allows its users to create personalized pages.

It is precisely on this feature that intervenes. Indeed, Starname will use a decentralized database provided by Aleph.

Thus, the company will be able to store the various user profiles and information

This information can subsequently be modified by the user himself via the Starname manager, directly linked to the Aleph database.

The team said on their Medium: „This integration means that we are joining forces with one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking communities of web builders“