SHIBA inu Creator Hints at Launch Date

• Shytoshi Kusama, the creator of the renowned meme currency SHIBA Inu, recently dropped a cryptic hint regarding Shibarium’s availability.
• This has sparked diverse interpretations among SHIB army enthusiasts, and the mood appears divided.
• The value of SHIB has been in steady decline since reaching its peak on February 4th and is currently hovering just above $0.0000120.

Shytoshi Kusama’s Cryptic Hint

Shytoshi Kusama recently shared a screenshot displaying the most recent debut date details for Shibarium on one of the Shiba Inu community channels. He revealed that the network’s components would begin to emerge before May. Despite this hint, Kusama refrained from specifying an exact launch date as he stated that it cannot be a simple switch.

Investors‘ Uncertainty

The cryptic hint caused mixed reactions among investors, with many voicing dissatisfaction over its ambiguity. Despite the criticism, Kusama assured that Shibarium’s release is not going to be as straightforward as flipping a switch and thus cannot have an exact date.

SHIB Price Performance

Before dropping in value, SHIB was forming a negative divergence in its daily RSI chart which indicated further downward pressure on price action. Currently, it is trading just above $0.0000120 – an area which has provided both support and resistance levels over the past six months – while its daily RSI nears 50 which signals no clear trend yet for SHIB investors to hold onto for optimism at this stage in time.


The Shiba Inu community eagerly awaits the launch of Shibarium and anticipates more news regarding its availability soon despite Kusama’s ambiguous hints so far about when exactly they can expect it to go live on Layer-2 blockchain technology later this year.